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New Semester and Album Update - I managed to finish an album track at the last possible second before the spring semester started - phew! Here's a swingin' preview of 'GXDDBOV' for your ears:

- Joe
More New Music! - 1/12/2015
I am too good to you, my friends... Today's preview comes from 'The Galileo Affair,' a bumping, grinding, dancing track from the new album:

- Joe
Another Album Preview - Here is another preview of a track called 'Loose Chips Sink Ships' from my upcoming album:

- Joe
More Classical Chip Music! - 1/8/2014
Office Hours on the ChipWIN blog has been updated with a review of a super cool album that blends chip music and Classical influences. Take a listen to Soleviio's "Sonus Antiquitatum" and learn a bit about sonata form while reading the review. - Joe
YouTube Video - Artist Elizabeth Beals posted a video last month using my track "Kittens from Mars" from Chiptunes = WIN Volume 3 as the soundtrack. You can see her work here, and make sure to subscribe to her channel for more. - Joe
New Office Hours Blog - 11/19/2014
Office Hours returns to the ChipWIN blog this month with a killer review of an album full of 8-bit Baroque remixes. Don't miss this one! - Joe
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Upcoming Performances:
December 17, 2014
Hour of the Wolf
- Fowler Middle School
- 7:00pm Fowler Middle School Winter Band Concert
- Tigard, OR
December 18, 2014
The Haunted Carousel
- Indian Springs Middle School
- 1:30pm Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic
- Chicago, IL
December 19, 2014
The Magician's Secret
- Bands of the Air National Guard
- 12:15pm Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic Reading Session
- Chicago, IL
February 22, 2015
Birds of Passage
- Chad Payton, countertenor
- 1:00pm Hulsey Recital Hall, University of Alabama-Birmingham
- Birmingham, AL
March 9, 2015
Birds of Passage
- Lisa Neher, mezzo-soprano
- 8:00pm Riverside Recital Hall, University of Iowa
- Iowa City, IA
March 13, 2015
The Haunted Carousel
- Hortonville Middle School
- 6:30pm HHS Auditorium
- Hortonville, WI
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