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Heliosphere Sample - Hard at work on the second movement of the Chamber Cartel piece for sextet and Game Boy - here is a short sample of the Game Boy audio:
- Joe
Note Entry Buddy - 3/20/2013
This week I have been hard at work getting the first movement of a commission into the computer. Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon sitting on the couch working in Sibelius and Winston joined me:

- Joe
New Blog Post - Today I finally took the time to write a few words about the concept of Mise en place as it relates to composers. - Joe
New 2014 Performances - 3/6/2014
With a very full teaching schedule this spring, site updates have fallen by the wayside. I have a couple of blog posts brewing and samples from a new work need to be uploaded during spring break next week. Tonight's update are two new performances - an exciting band festival performance by a great middle school and the American premiere of Birds of Passage. - Joe
Song Cycle Errata - I recently discovered two printed errors in the new soprano cycle. Rather than jack up the price of the scores already printed for containing "original composer notations" I am offering them at a slight discount. The only changes were adding a flat and taking away a flat - look at all the other notes I got correct! - Joe
New Soprano Song Cycle - 9/10/2013
At long last my song cycle inspired by my honeymoon trip to Ireland is complete! You may view the score and hear the rehearsal mock-up recordings at the following link - Amhrain as an Linn Dubh. - Joe
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Upcoming Performances:
March 26, 2014 - Full Moon -
Crosby Middle School, Joseph P. Stivers, conductor - Atherton High School, KMEA District 12 Festival - Louisville, KY
April 4, 2014 - Birds of Passage -
Chad Payton, Christopher Nichols, Marie-Christine Delbeau - 2:15pm SUNY Potsdam - Potsdam, NY
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