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Composing the Cosmos, part 1 - The first installment of my Celestial Musicology analysis blog is now online - click the image below to read part one:

- Joe
Celestial Musicology Now Available - 7/17/2013
At long last, the Chamber Cartel commission Celestial Musicology for mixed sextet and Game Boy is now complete. It was a grueling seven-month learning experience with LSDJ, but we all managed to come away unscathed (until the premiere...) This was a huge artistic leap for me, and I think it's probably the hippest possible piece my molecules can combine to create at the moment. Click the image below to go to the work:

- Joe
New Blog and Chamber Cartel Premiere - I am now writing chip music reviews on the Chiptunes = WIN blog, and you can find my first post here: Office Hours #1 - Alex Lane "Phase Locked Life"

Details on the upcoming Chamber Cartel premiere are now posted on the concert calendar. There is a $10 suggested donation at the door, so please help support these wonderful artists if you can attend the show. I am planning a series of blog posts discussing this piece as soon as I get the final parts to them, so stay tuned! - Joe
Preview Performance and Boston Metro Opera - 6/18/2013
Last month the Chamber Cartel gave a preview performance of their commissioned work "Celestial Musicology" for mixed sextet and Game Boy. There was a nice write-up about the concert here, and the piece will premiere in full this coming August.

Also, Birds of Passage was selected for the upcoming Boston Metro Opera ContempoFest - details on the performance should be coming shortly. - Joe
Four Note Logos - This morning I worked on an interesting project - a call for splash screen logo music using chip sounds with only four pitches. This reminded me of the story about John Williams and the motto from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and it was a lot of fun to put these together. You can hear my entries on Soundcloud here:

- Joe
Two New Publications - 5/9/2013
Two new works for young band are now available from J.W. Pepper, just in time for fall 2014 concerts!

The Haunted Carousel is a work for young band (ca. grade 2) with several brief time changes. I really like the snaking chromatic line in the middle section of this one.

The Magician's Secret is geared towards older players (ca. grade 3) and has a few tricky syncopations. My favorite part of this piece is the rhythm of the main melodic idea - it went through several transformations and took a while to accurately notate the rhythm I was hearing.
- Joe
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Upcoming Performances:
March 26, 2014 - Full Moon -
Crosby Middle School, Joseph P. Stivers, conductor - Atherton High School, KMEA District 12 Festival - Louisville, KY
April 4, 2014 - Birds of Passage -
Chad Payton, Christopher Nichols, Marie-Christine Delbeau - 2:15pm SUNY Potsdam - Potsdam, NY
May 26, 2014 - Celestial Musicology -
Chamber Cartel - 8:00pm Rodriguez Room, The Goat Farm Arts Center - Atlanta, GA
August 23, 2014 - Celestial Musicology -
Chamber Cartel - 7:00pm The Goat Farm, Castleberry Hill - Atlanta, GA
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